BQG Quilt Challenge: Simply Stripes

Each year, members are invited to participate in a BQG quilt challenge. Every year a new theme is presented at the September meeting. Participating quilters displayed their quilts at the June 5, 2018 meeting, when members voted for their favorites. Winners receive a prize, and the 1st place winner will choose the theme for 2018-19.

This year's challenge was: Simply Stripes
Design a quilt with predominantly stripes: 75% (give or take a bit) should be stripes.
Must be a finished quilt. 
No sleeve is necessary.
Size: Up to 25" square. (The quilt must be able to be displayed on a table.)

The theme for last year's 2016–2017 Challenge Quilt was “Your Favorite TV Show or Movie.”  The first place winner, Barbara Richards, selected the theme for this year. The winning entries for 2017-18 challenge, Simply Stripes, were:

1st place - Brenda Roach                      2nd place - Katha Soens                         3rd place - Wendy Hodina

Questions? Please email Brenda:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Challenge Quilts 2017-18

Brenda Roach won this year's Quilt Challenge, Simply Stripes, with her "Stripe Tee's" quilt. (Brenda is fifth from the right.)